The Ross McKee Foundation

The Ross McKee Foundation is nationally recognized for its support of accomplished pre-professional piano artists, cultivation of potential piano talent, and advancement of piano performance. Located in San Francisco, CA, the Foundation supports the musical arts throughout the Bay Area.

Support is provided through quarterly grants to nonprofit organizations, piano scholarships, and an annual piano competition, which awards cash prizes for musical excellence.

During 2018, the Foundation will present Piano Talks, three lecture-recitals by speakers well-known to Bay Area audiences: Warren Jones (February 15), Robert Greenberg & ZOFO Duet (March 25), and Scott Foglesong (May 20). These low-cost, ticketed events will take place in the Concert Hall of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. Further information is available at Tickets can be purchased online at

The Foundation is once again pleased to sponsor a group recital of Preludes and Fugues from Bach’s Well-tempered Clavier. Following last year’s spectacular success with Book I, we’ve assembled a wide spectrum of pianists from the Bay Area and beyond for Book II. The event take place at the McRoskey Mattress Company (Market at Gough) on Friday, March 2, with a start time of 6:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased online at

Participating pianists are:
C major, Robin Sutherland
C minor, Allegra Chapman
C# major, Ken Iisaka
C# minor, Peter Grunberg
D major, Victoria Neve
D minor, Anne Rainwater
E-flat major, Daniel Glover
D# minor, Robert Schwartz
E major, Kelly Savage
E minor, Kevin Korth
F major, Nicholas Pavkovic
F minor, Derek Tam
F# major, Brian Fitzsousa
F# minor, Monica Chew
G major, Robert Brownstein
G minor, Adam Tendler
A-flat major, Keisuke Nakagoshi
G# minor, Serene
A major, Nayantara Jain
A minor, Christopher Basso
B-flat major, Michael Gilbertson
B-flat minor, Elizabeth Dorman
B major, Dale Tsang
B minor, Laura Magnani

The piano will be provided by R. Kassman, Purveyor of Fine Pianos and we are indebted to the McRoskey Mattress Company for the generous donation of their loft space.

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