Friday, 6 August, 2021 | 5:00 PM

Stasie Gonikberg

A pianist, conductor and composer, the Ukrainian-born Gonikberg has studied at Mills College and participated in musical events around the globe.



Johannes Brahms (1833-1897)

Six Piano Pieces, Op. 118
I. Intermezzo in A Minor
II. Intermezzo in A Major
III. Ballade in G Minor
IV. Intermezzo in F Minor
V. Romanze in F Major
VI. Intermezzo in E-flat Minor

Three Intermezzi, Op. 117
I. E-flat Major
II. B-flat Minor
III. C-sharp Minor

Four Piano Pieces, Op. 119
I. Intermezzo in B Minor
II. Intermezzo in E Minor
III. Intermezzo in C Major
IV. Rhapsodie in E-flat Major

About the artist

Stasie Gonikberg is a Ukrainian-born pianist, conductor, and composer who shares her love of music with audiences and students. Ms. Gonikberg received formal music education in Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Israel; Montclair State University, NJ; and Mills College, CA. Stasie taught piano at Tihon LeAkademia HaMusika in Jerusalem, ITAR Music School in Ramle, Israel, and at Mills College as a Teaching Assistant. She accompanies singers and instrumentalists and performs solo piano, orchestral, and chamber music concerts in the USA, Ukraine, Europe, and Israel, where her performance was featured on KolHaMusika radio.